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The driving force of Strategic Healthcare Executives is to place value on independent physicians. As a company and as professionals, Strategic Healthcare Executives is passionate about the value that independent clinics provide to the patients and the communities they serve. We strive to be an indispensable relationship to each clinic that we work with by providing turnkey ancillary services that allow the independent clinic to increase profitability without impacting the core clinical focus of the business or leadership.


Our goal is to provide you with a laboratory structure; process and equipment that guarantee you are compliant; profitable and operating with an ancillary service plan that matches your strategic goals for your clinic and where you want to be in 90 days; one year; three years; ten years. We are here to establish a collaborative symbiotic relationship with you that make us indispensable. The core values that we implement in our business practices drive our goals, behaviors, culture and communication to the outside and internal world of independent physicians, clinics, vendors, and the professionals that we chose to work with. We adopted a core value of unequivocal trust. We exhibit our expertise in this value through our professional, data-driven and fact-based integrity. We are also compassionate yet logical. We remain focused, strategic, and empathetic to the obstacles and needs of each individual clinic. We are also solution-driven. We possess a “can do” attitude that is demonstrated through our optimistic and proactive approach that is both logical and systematic. Our relations are intended to be long-term, focused on individual needs, and exhibit innovative elegance.


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Much like lighthouses are built on solid ground and relied on to provide direction, Strategic Healthcare Executives makes it their mission to light the path of opportunity. 

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